Angora Goats For Sale

As always it is time for one of my hardest decision making duties. Who to keep and who to sell???? We currently have 27 kids and 6 more does due in March or April. This years sales list contains quite a few of our Show String. The 3 bucks for sale are all very special and have been in our show string, but we have decided to not keep them as herdsires. We did some heavy culling last fall so the does are some of the best, wish we could keep them all, but we need to get our numbers down with so many kids this spring. I have a hard time getting good pictures, as all of my goats are very friendly and want me to love on them not take pictures. Winter also means most of their fleeces are full of hay. They all lead and are used to a grooming stand. I feed individually, so they come in to get their collar on to eat.

More does may be added in April after they have kidded. Kids being sold separately from their dam will be listed after shearing in August and further evaluation.

Bucks are sold individually Does must be purchased in pairs as they do much better with a herd mate. Buyer must also have adequate fencing and shelter. A non refundable deposit of 50% must be received 10 days after contacting me. If arrangements are not made or deposit not received I will go to the next interested person. We would like all sold goats be picked up within 60 days. I am willing to transport or meet in states surrounding Arkansas for the cost of fuel.

Whisper Hill Farms is proudly the 2012 Premier Exhibitor at the Texas State Fair.

All are CAGBA Registered unless otherwise stated.

This is a first come first serve list. Notify me quickly if you see a goat you are interested in at


WHF Austin – $300

Black with white spot on forehead. Born 3-14-11 twin out of KAIR Narra (white with black spots) and MEA Magnum (very black). Magnum was 1st place aged buck in 2011 at Texas State Fair. Austin placed 3rd as a kid in 2011 at Texas State Fair. Very Large Bodied Buck.


WHF Graham – $300

Faded Red buck born 3-3-11 out o f ISF Sweet As Honey(faded Red) and MEA Jetson(Silver/Black). He is half-brother to Eli Blue 1st place Aged Buck 2012 Texas State Fair & 6th at CAGBA Nationals 2011. Graham placed 4th in 2011 as a kid at Texas State Fair. All of Honey’s kids have been in my show string and done very well.


WHF Oliver – $400

Black with a slight charcoal. This is a horrible picture, but he is always right beside me and very hard to get a good picture. Born 3-18-11 twin out of ISF Nutt’n Better (chocolate) and Mea Magnum (very black buck). Magnum was 1st place aged buck in 2011 at Texas State Fair. Oliver placed 2nd as a yearling in 2012 at Texas State Fair.



WHF Pistol Annie & WHF Honkey Tonk – $550

Faded Red Doe born 1-18-12 twin out of ISF Nutti’n Better (Chocolate) and Mea Jetson (Silver/Black) Annie is a very large bodied doe with very dense fleece. Honkey Tonk out of WHF Pistol Annie & JP2 Stand Out (2011 Texas State Fair Reserve Champion)



WHF Liberty Belle – $400
SOLD Karlee Collins

Black/Silver Doe born 2-21-12 twin out of KAIR May (Black/Silver) 2nd place aged doe 2011 & 2012 Texas State Fair and MEA Jetson (Black/Silver). Liberty placed 4th as a kid in 2012 at Texas State Fair. Long bodied showy doe.


WHF Pumpkin Spice – $350

Medium Red Doe born 3-21-12 twin out of ISF Becky Shannon (Brown) and ISF Eli Blue (Red) 6th 2011 as yearling at CAGBA Nationals & 1st 2011 Aged Buck at Texas State Fair. Spice has great dense coverage.


WHF Maggie Mae – $300

Mahogany with Partial Belt on both sides born 3-21-12 twin out of ISF Becky Shannon (brown) and ISF Eli Blue (Red) 6th 2011 as yearling at CAGBA Nationals & 1st 2011 Aged Buck at Texas State Fair. Maggie is a shorter stockier doe.


WHF Monet – $350

Medium Chocolate doe born 2-26-11 twin out of KAIR Jasmine (brown) and MEA Jetson (Silver/Black). Monet’s twin is black and part of our show string. Very very fine fleece. Due to her size as a yearling we didn’t breed her, but she will be ready this fall.


WHF Cameo – $300

White doe born 3-21-12 twin out of WHF Mirajh (black) and ISF Eli Blue (Red) 6th 2011 as yearling at CAGBA Nationals & 1st 2011 Aged Buck at Texas State Fair. Cameo is a very fine fleeced doe that should definitely throw color.



Colored & Color Carrier Angoras


Paris – $300

3 year old faded red doe. Has a lot of grease and very fine tight locks. Broke the tip off of one of her horns this Spring. Single Kid this year, Willie who is also for sale.









Palin – $100

Yearling Black Doe. Has the best fleece of all my kids last year, but has gopher ears. She is pet quality only.










Posh – $100

Yearling White w/black spots. Twin to Palin. Dam is Blue & sire is Black











Peter – $50

White kid buck. Half brother the Palin & Post. He also has gopher ears.











Paul – $100

White color carrier kid buck. Twin with very good curl.










I have 3 more bucks to list. Hopefully will be able to get photos tomorrow. It’s hard when they all want to be right of top of you.

The time has come that I need to reduce my herd. I have decided to sell my Cashgoras and Navajo Angoras, so that I can concenrate on my show animals. I do have a few unregistered Colored Angoras for sale.


Alie - $75 – SALE PENDING

Alie is the first goat I purchased she is 7 years old and has only kidded twice because I didn’t have a buck. She is half Cashmere & half Angora with very soft fleece that she sheds in the spring like cashmeres. She has a yearling doe kid Apple and twin kids, Ariel & Bullet which are also for sale.






Apple – $100

Apple is Alie’s 1st kid. She is 1/4 Cashmere and 3/4 angora with very curly soft fleece. Her sire was my faded red buck Quinn. She is a Yearling.









Ariel – $100

Ariel is so very sweet. She is blue, born in March 2011. Her dam is Alie and her sire is my black buck Magnum. She is 1/4 cashmere and 3/4 Angora.









Bullet – $100

Bullet was more of a silver when born. He is Ariel’s twin and also a blue with great curl. Dam Alie and Sire Magnum.

Navajo Angoras








Cappacinno – $150

Cappie is my gentle giant. I only have him for sale due to no coverage on his face and legs. He has very dense fleece with just a slight wave, but still very soft.









Bebe – $150-SALE PENDING

Bebe has had twins for me the last 2 years. She is around 6 years old and had papers showing that she was a Navajo, but the previous owner lost them. She is an oatmeal color badger.









Jasper – $75-SALE PENDING

Jasper has very soft fleece with not much curl. He is an oatmeal color. Twin to Judd. Damn Bebe & Sire Cappacinno.









Judd – $100

Judd is twin to Jasper. He has is sires very dense fleece. Damn Bebe & sire Cappacinno.










James – $75

James is twin to Jessie. He has very soft oatmeal colored fleece with good curl. Damn Bebe & Sire Magnum.










Jessie – $200

Jessie is the most beautiful color. He is oatmeal, brown with a little black. He has his sires great curl. He is darker than the photo. I have really debated on keeping him as he should have no problem passing cagba inspection. Damn Bebe & Sire Magnum.

Waiting & waiting is what we’ve been doing this last week . Eight of our eleven bred does were due and so far only two have delivered.
Perle was the 1st Friday afternoon, twin white boys. These boys will be for sale as soon as they are weaned. Perle’s kids have wonderful fiber and with Jetson as their sire they will make great fiber boys.


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